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The Real Truth About Work/Life Balance: Part I

Pssst... it has nothing to do with 'taking time to get a massage or a vacation' or whatever else the magazine at the supermarket checkout tells you to do! work/life In this multi-part blog post you will gain the tools necessary to discover your unique way of running your energy, so you can refuel your [...]

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What About the Babies?

Often, when I tell people I work with very young children within the mental health field, I am greeted with confused looks or questions such as, “How can a young child have mental health?” I appreciate these questions because it gives me an opportunity to talk about a very important topic! It turns out that [...]

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Social Media Safety for Parents

Many children and teens today don’t know a life without technology, and for those of us who can remember a time without Facebook, Instagram, and Google in our pockets, that idea may seem bizarre. Lots of parents get into a battle with their teen about how much they’re on their cell phones, iPads, laptops, etc. [...]

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What I Want You to Know About Therapy

I have been in therapy on and off since my adolescent years. I always had a draw to going but often left feeling like a skeptic to the whole experience. Even after graduating from graduate school on my way to becoming a therapist myself I was unsure exactly how the whole experience was even set [...]

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Spring Cleaning

As we approach the end of winter and the glorious rejuvenation of spring, many of us feel compelled to do some spring cleaning. We’ve endured a long winter spent cooped up inside (for those of us who live in the northern parts of the country) and in these times, clutter tends to accumulate. The reality [...]

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Emotional First Aid

Have you ever been on an airplane and heard the flight attendant give their speech about seatbelts, emergency exits, and overall safety? The part that always stands out to me is the one that includes the oxygen mask. The same message is given by every single flight attendant, no matter the destination or airline: “Put [...]

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The Butterfly Hug

Life events, traumas, stressors all have the potential to leave a path of destruction often found in the form of anxiety symptoms. These may include; racing heart, racing thoughts, intrusive thoughts, obsessional thinking, rigidity of thoughts, and cognitive dissonance. It is important to not only work on the underlying concerns but regulating the mind and [...]

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Healing Trauma

Trauma occurs when a person experiences an overwhelming event (or events) that they perceive as life-threatening and which they are unable to prevent. In the face of such a threat, deeply instinctual parts of the brain are activated. Adrenaline floods the body, mobilizing it to fight or flee the situation. There are many instances, however, [...]

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Love Languages

You’re an incredible mother. languages Let’s plan a weekend getaway. I saw these flowers on my way home and thought of you. You look stressed, let me give you a massage. I know you’ve had a long week, so I cleaned the kitchen for you. Do one or two of these phrases resonate with you [...]

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Desire Discrepancy Part II: Reshaping the Experience

The Real Truth About Sexual Desire Discrepancy and Ways to Sync Things Up PART II Could a decrease in desire be a self-fulfilling prophecy? It’s common knowledge that one causal factor for decreased sexual desire, is the length of time a couple have been together. Oftentimes the first year or so of dating is marked [...]

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