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When You Are An Imperfect Parent

When your child is born, you stare into their face, wondering how you could ever get mad at such a perfect little human. Then life sets in, your perfect little baby starts to become an expert on the pronunciation and repetition of the word “no,” even when it is completely inapplicable to the conversation. Slowly, [...]

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Motivation Tools

You didn’t get that job you interviewed for, or you’ve failed a couple homework assignments, and now you’re thinking, “Why bother?” Whether it’s a symptom of depression or following a series of let downs, many people struggle with finding motivation. Researchers may have found a simple tool that can help increase feelings of motivation, especially [...]

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Defense Mechanisms & How They Can Affect Your Sexual Relationships

In this 3-part blog post you will learn: 1) What defense mechanisms are in relationship to psychology 2) How they relate to the human body and sexual satisfaction 3) A summary on their relationship to securely attaching to our significant others Part I Defense Mechanisms A study of Sigmund Freud’s original writings on the topic [...]

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Doodle Breathing

Okay parents, how many times have you had your little one get upset and you share the wise old advice of “Take a deep breath”, only to be rebuffed?  Trust me you are not alone, this is so common!  While we find a deep breath to be relaxing and resetting, children often see it as [...]

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A Guide for Difficult Days

Sometimes days suck. And that is ok. There, I said it. No need to keep pretending everything is “fine” all the time. Sometimes days are hard and can make us feel uncomfortable so we search for ways to make them different. But when we rush to engage in a distraction or we ignore the difficultness [...]

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Resources Hand Picked by a Therapist

As all of you may know, there is no shortage of resources in our culture regarding parenting, child development, and even discipline. Due to this, it is very normal to feel overwhelmed and not know which books to read or which websites to visit. Over the years, I have found myself referring back to the [...]

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Acupuncture and Psychotherapy: Wellness Synergy

I am thrilled to be now offering community acupuncture at Wild Tree Psychotherapy on a monthly basis, 2nd Monday of the month from 10:00am-12:00pm. I believe strongly in the many benefits of psychotherapy, and I recommend it for many of my patients. The great thing about being able to offer acupuncture to Wild Tree clients [...]

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Where Is My Village? Finding Your Social Support

To whom do you turn for comfort, support, or a favor in a pinch? For so many of us, the answer is a partner or parent. But where are we to go if these options are not available? Or what if they can’t provide what we are needing? For simplicity’s sake, I am going to [...]

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The Real Truth About Work/Life Balance: Part II

Pssst... it has nothing to do with 'taking time to get a massage or a vacation' or whatever else the magazine at the supermarket checkout tells you to do! Find Part I of this work/life blog series here. In writing Part II of the blog Post on Work/Life Balance, I discovered there’s a lot more to [...]

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