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What is EMDR?

When you start the search for a therapist you are entering into a world of acronyms. LPCC, LMFT, LICSW, CBT, DBT, EMDR. All these letters following people’s names and areas of specialty can get confusing. So here is a little insight into a certain combination of letters, EMDR. EMDR, which stands for Eye Movement Desensitization [...]

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This Is All For you: Estate Planning for New Parents

I recently had the privilege of working with a husband and wife to complete their estate plan. The couple was young, with a daughter who had just turned two before they came to meet with me. Similar to many couples I work with who have children, they explained that it was the birth of their [...]

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Defense Mechanisms & How They Can Affect Your Sexual Relationships: Part II

How the three defense mechanisms; dissociation, denial and armoring, relate to sexual satisfaction. In this blog post, three common defenses, which according to sex therapist and researcher Gina Ogden (2008), are believed to surface in sexual relationships will be explored. They are disassociation, denial and armoring. Each defense will be discussed in relation to their [...]

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Grounding Techniques

Clients often come in my office saying they feel like they’re mind is going a million miles per hour, like they have so much on their plate that they don’t know where to start, or that they feel like their brains are disconnected from their bodies and they can’t seem to get a grip. It’s [...]

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Prenuptial Agreements: Thinking Ahead

Not many things have the ability ruin a romantic moment like the topic of prenuptial agreements – but it really shouldn’t be that way. Prenuptial agreements have unfairly gained a bad reputation as a contract entered into by couples who plan on divorcing, or who are entering into a marriage that they are not confident [...]

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Mental Health and Motherhood

Motherhood. Goodness, there’s a lot wrapped up in that! It can be excitingly anticipated as well as fearfully resisted, both during pregnancy and at any point along the road of building a family, regardless of the number of children already in the family. Parenting young children might best be described as wondrous chaos. We often [...]

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Making Friends with Anxiety

Anxiety! ….. just the word alone, can make us feel - well, anxious! With all the pressures that come along with our world today, it is no surprise anxiety rates are way up. Often times, it can feel like the only way to deal with these feelings is to push them away, avoid them by [...]

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When You Are An Imperfect Parent

When your child is born, you stare into their face, wondering how you could ever get mad at such a perfect little human. Then life sets in, your perfect little baby starts to become an expert on the pronunciation and repetition of the word “no,” even when it is completely inapplicable to the conversation. Slowly, [...]

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Motivation Tools

You didn’t get that job you interviewed for, or you’ve failed a couple homework assignments, and now you’re thinking, “Why bother?” Whether it’s a symptom of depression or following a series of let downs, many people struggle with finding motivation. Researchers may have found a simple tool that can help increase feelings of motivation, especially [...]

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Defense Mechanisms & How They Can Affect Your Sexual Relationships

In this 3-part blog post you will learn: 1) What defense mechanisms are in relationship to psychology 2) How they relate to the human body and sexual satisfaction 3) A summary on their relationship to securely attaching to our significant others Part I Defense Mechanisms A study of Sigmund Freud’s original writings on the topic [...]

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