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It’s March, We May As Well Talk About Luck

Luck. What exactly is luck? Is luck being at the right place at the right time? Finding that lucky penny? Always landing on your feet? Finding a four leaf clover? Discovering bird droppings on your shoulder? Whatever your ideas of luck is, research has found that people are divided. Thanks to the research of Dr. [...]

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Winter Blahs! A Reading List

Winter can feel gloomy, cold, and downright bleak at times. If it feels unmanageable to get your body moving, try working out your mind instead! When you feel like hibernating, winter can be a great time to curl up with your favorite book and a cup of something warm. Whether you are looking for some [...]

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How to Help People in Pain

When someone we know and care about is experiencing emotional pain and hurt, it can feel so hard to know what to do. Because we care about them, we naturally want them to feel better. But sometimes our attempts at cheering up the person in pain can feel like a total loss. This can bring [...]

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Defense Mechanisms & How They Can Affect Your Sexual Relationships: Part III

Attachment and Intimate Sexual Relationships Part III of this blog series: a summary of the relationship between defense mechanisms and securely attaching to our significant others and sexual intimacy. See Part I and Part II of this series here! This blog post will explore how the attachment relationship is a core feature of adult intimate [...]

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Mindfulness Over Matter

Everywhere you turn, I bet you keep hearing this trending word – Mindfulness. It pops up everywhere and if you’re not familiar with this concept it can be confusing as to what to do with it. Everyone keeps telling you that you need to be more mindful, or that you need to start practicing mindfulness, [...]

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Winter Blues? No Prob, Bob

Winter is gorgeous and fun. It can also be really difficult: It’s cold, car doesn’t start, and you forget your mittens and wonder if your right index finger will ever be the same. The nights get longer and the days get colder. We get a little sadder but only because the sun waves goodbye before [...]

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Surviving The Political Climate

Although we have recently made it through another election, the next one is right around the corner. We are all acutely aware of how charged the political climate is right now. Below are some tips that may help you through it. Be mindful - be aware of who you are with and where you are [...]

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Why Compassion Is So Transformative

Joan Halifax, the director of Project on Being With Dying, has said, “Compassion is comprised of that capacity to see with clearly into the nature of suffering. It is that ability to really stand strong and to recognize also that we are not separate from suffering. We then go on to aspirations of transforming suffering.” Compassion [...]

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Holiday Self-Care

Self-care during the holiday season.  Seems like an oxymoron right?  Let me run you through a typical day, mid-December. It's 5:15AM, the alarm goes off and I have been relieved of my nightly mom duties. If I'm lucky, I'm the first one awake and I have an opportunity to sneak away and snag 10 minutes of peace [...]

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I Had A Baby! Now What?

You’ve heard it before, “It takes a village!” But what if you don’t have that village and what if your village doesn’t understand?  Sometimes the joy of bringing home your new little bundle doesn’t feel so joyful. In fact, it can feel pretty overwhelming, exhausting (hello, sleep deprivation), and even physically painful. We think to [...]

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