What Your Therapist Wants You to Know

I was recently scrolling instagram and saw a post by @theempoweredtherapist entitled Some Things A Therapist Wants You to Know. Here is the list she shared:

We think about you outside of session

We often wish we could make things easier for you

We hurt alongside you

We enjoy seeing you too

We don’t have it all figured out either

We may get it because we’ve lived it

We really care about you

We wonder how you’re doing when sessions end

We feel impacted by you

We often wish you could see yourself the way we see you


Here are a few of my own I’ve added:

You don’t have to worry about us

When things inevitably come up for us in a session we seek consultation from colleagues or go talk to our own therapist!

We hold onto hope for you when you don’t have hope for yourself

We can hold space for your feelings, whatever they may be

We see the hard work you do outside of sessions

We want the best for you, if we can’t help you get there we will refer you to someone who can

We learn from you

You are important to us

I think it’s common to be curious about the person you may spend an hour per week sharing some of your most vulnerable moments with. One of the staples of the therapeutic relationship is that it is about you, the client, and yet it is still a relationship. Although this can feel refreshing to some, to others it may feel like an imbalance. If this is the case for you just ask! We want your therapy to be the best and most effective it can be. Each of us has our own level of disclosure or privacy we like to maintain but many of us are happy to answer your questions.


Blog by: Sara Pogue, MSW, LICSW
Photo by: Deleece Cook on Unsplash