Meet Our New Intern: Markela

We are all born into families and the state of our family can determine our overall well-being throughout the rest of our lives. Our families give us experiences that impact our current and future relationships and us as individuals. The experiences within my own family of origin inspired me to be a therapist to better help those operating inside and outside the family system.

Living in such a fast-paced world, it can be difficult to slow down and process what is happening to us. Our minds can affect how healthy our bodies are and how we present to the external world. This is why I chose to work with Wild Tree Psychotherapy. They focus on holistic approaches to personalized care including nutrition and wellness. They also have a wonderful team where I can deepen my knowledge and enhance my work.

I am currently a Masters student at Northcentral University in the Marriage and Family Therapy program. Prior to this, I completed my BA in Child Psychology from the University of Minnesota. I am confident that working with Wild Tree Wellness will give me the skill set to take me to the next level.


Blog by: Markela Banks, intern student