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Healing Relational Trauma Workshop

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Join us for an educational workshop focused on healing dysfunctional patterns and breaking “inter-generational curses”

August 3rd, 2022 @ 12-1:30pm :: VIRTUAL link provided to all who pre-register


Do you have a pattern of high – conflict or “toxic” relationships?

Does your family have a history of complex trauma and/ or complicated relationships?

Are you currently struggling to heal or repair a relationship with your mother/father, child or other close relative?
This FREE workshop, provided by Markela Banks, will focus on providing psychoeducation about intergenerational conflict and how it continues to show up in our lives. We will discuss the use of genograms* (an in-depth family tree) and explore how we can create long-lasting change. This workshop is available to individuals, couples and/or families.
*Option to schedule a follow up one-on-one session to create your personal genogram and process the insight, understanding and awareness gained from this exercise.




Photo by Askar Abayev