My husband and I just returned from a few days at the North Shore. One of our favorite hikes there is at Oberg Mountain, a trail that begins several miles inland from Lake Superior. We hiked through the woods, enveloped by the trees, with sunlight filtering through the leaves and a smell of pine in the air. The winding path continually opened up under our feet. The air seemed at once both warm and cool. If that were not enough, the trail periodically opened onto lookouts that gave us stunning views of the hills, forests and lake below and the sky above.

As I transition back to my regular routine, I’m reflecting on the value of having a larger perspective—that ability to see the bigger picture. Perspective reorients me when I become too tight or overly focused on narrow concerns. A sense of spaciousness lends freshness and clarity. So I’m reminding myself that even here in the city, I can create “lookouts” for myself periodically throughout my day. Places where I can put down what I’m doing, pause, and take in a larger view. For me right now, the memory of Oberg is doing wonders. A bit later on, maybe I’ll sit down with a cup of tea. Sometime after that, I’ll bring a loved one to mind, or take a walk, or listen to the sound of the crickets. Or just do nothing but breathe for a few minutes.

How about you? Might a sense of perspective be of help to you today?


Written by Elena Walker, MA LPCC

Photo by Dave Brus