Our Hastings Office: Historic Home Turned Healing House

In August 2023, this beautiful house came across our radar and we knew that we loved it before we had even toured it. Turns out, it would become the fourth location for Wild Tree Psychotherapy in Spring 2024. Wild Tree originated from a dream to house a mental health clinic in an old home on Grand Avenue. True to the vision, we now have two beautiful clinic spaces within historic buildings in both Saint Paul and Hastings, MN.


Acquired for Wild Tree in December 2023, the building at 906 Vermillion Street in Hastings, Minnesota required some loving updates to serve our mental health clinic needs. After more than three months of renovations with setbacks and delays, we excitedly look forward to opening the beautiful original wood doors of the home for those seeking individual, couples and family mental health therapy in Hastings and the surrounding areas!


Our research on the home points to an original build date of 1908. This grand home of the time was built with a butler’s staircase, a carriage house, indoor plumbing and electricity and housed three different families over the subsequent seven decades. Most notably, and for the longest amount of time, it was the home to multiple generations of the Sieben family, a notable family in Hastings, MN history.


We have been deliberately committed to preserving historic elements of this home while infusing modern updates and fun design flair. When visiting the office one might notice the original pressed leather wallpaper, ornate woodwork, antique chandeliers and other little nods to elements of the past. The eight distinct office spaces in the building have been curated to offer a cozy, comforting environment for children, adolescents and adults engaged in mental health counseling.


Hastings, MN and this building has proved to be a perfect location to house our version of a demedicalized mental health clinic experience; a warm, welcoming and home-like space meant for trauma healing, recovery, and restoring emotional wellbeing. Our clinic space has been fully updated in form while honoring some of the original function of the property; the landing place for families. As a new member of the Hastings community, we hope to share our goal of supporting mental health via focus on the mind-body connection as essential to life-long health. Through our mental health therapy services, we are committed to teaching our clients how to be well for a lifetime – not just for now.


Lauren Robbins, Founder + Clinical Director