Meet Our Intern, Melana Rosin

Hi there! My name is Melana Rosin, and I am a first-year Masters student pursuing my degree at St. Cloud State University in the Marriage and Family Therapy program. I received my Bachelor’s Degree in Psychology from the University of Wisconsin-River Falls. Outside of school and the office, I enjoy playing recreational soccer, mountain biking, and spending time outdoors- I’m definitely energized being in the sunshine!

I wanted to become a therapist because I believe everyone deserves the opportunity to tell their story and be able to work through the beautiful mess that is life. We’re brought together in a system where we are continuously giving and receiving information; whether it’s from our family, our partners, our friends, or our community, and even ourselves. We need to have a way to sort through and process how we feel about it all, and what better way than through therapy?

I am grateful to be working with such bright and brilliant counselors here at Wild Tree Therapy. I was especially drawn to the holistic and encompassing elements of healing both the body and mind in unison. So often we overlook the body-mind connection as being separate from one another, when in fact, the two cycle into one another. I am confident that I will learn and receive excellent skills from the therapists here to develop as a therapist and provide outstanding care to future clients.

Melana works with individuals (ages 8+), couples, families, parenting, PTSD, and is certified as a Prepare/Enrich Facilitator.

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