Manifesting Intentions

So, let’s talk about INTENTIONS! If you are like me, you might have 43567 goals that you want to complete but sometimes they feel really big. Other times you might just feel like you are unsure where to even start. I sometimes get so caught up in the future, I forget to focus on the present. So how exactly can daily, weekly or monthly intentions help us feel a little less overwhelmed with all the things we might want to achieve in our lives?

Setting an intention for the day (or week) is meant to help you focus on your present day. They are designed to give you purpose and can ultimately be a road map for how you intend the day to feel. I tend to also think of them as a way to live my most authentic life. 

I bet you are probably wondering…how exactly do I set my intentions? Well, the great news is that there are not necessarily a lot of rules when it comes to setting them, but the following are things I tend to do when setting my intentions. 

  1. Don’t confuse an intention with a goal. Goals are typically about an outcome whereas intentions are designed to focus more on a specific mindset and how you intend to show up in the present.
    Example: My intention today is to explore different ways that my body feels healthy and strong. (Maybe this means trying a new workout, maybe it means that you are going to skip to dinner with a friend or try out a new dance move you have been wanting to try)
  2. Intentions should be positive. Don’t make an intention about something you don’t want to do- make it positive and about what you INTEND to think, feel or focus on for the day.
    Example: I intend to be open to success and joy today
  3. Finally, make sure you identify your desire and the feeling related to that desire. Maybe you desire to get a promotion at work and that is your end goal. Your intention could be something like: I intend to be calm and focused in my daily life.   You might be surprised to realize how that simple intention really changes how you feel and gets you closer to your desired outcome.


When we set intentions, we are aware of our thoughts and feelings and how we show up in our relationships. Give it a try! Try setting an intention for each day or an intention for your week and see how it feels. You might find it helps you reach those long-term goals you have been aiming for and sets your week up for success!


Blog by: Bethany Thomas, MSW, LICSW
Photo by:
Scott Webb from Pexels