Keeping a “Celebrating ME” Journal

Many theorists believe that humans are born with an innate desire for personal fulfillment and growth. This innate desire is said to be what drives our strive for improvement and our motivation to always be working towards  “the best versions of ourselves!” But how often do we take the time to reflect and congratulate ourselves on the things we are already doing well? Or the challenges we overcame but forgot to recognize it? How often do we slow down and shine some light on the things we did right, the situations we handled with grace, or the patience we had with our friends and family? If we are continually pushing forward and finding the next thing to “fix” in our lives, we don’t allow the space to give ourselves a pat on the back for overcoming the things we struggled with in the past!

What if instead of just keeping a gratitude journal, we also kept a Celebrating ME journal? A journal in which we write in once a day,  once a week, or even once a month detailing the things we did right. No matter the perceived size of the win, it is still worth celebrating and recognizing. Whether you carved out 30 minutes of time in your busy schedule to dedicate to self-care, or maybe you handled that difficult phone call with a family member with kindness and grace, all wins big or small are worth celebrating.

So here’s to you! Celebrate you!

Blog by Lauren Wein, Wild Tree Intern
Photo by Pixabay via Pexels