Join our New(ish) Mom Group!

Our New(ish) Mom group is taking off! We are seeing brand new moms, newish moms, 2nd time, and 3rd time moms come to connect. What I’m hearing from every mom, regardless of where they are at in their mom journey is gratefulness for the space to connect. Us moms do a great job at prioritizing all the other people and priorities in our life and this group has been a perfect spot for moms to come together to share their stressors – both past and present – and connect amongst each other in order for their journey through motherhood to feel a lot less lonely.

Our space has been one of support, openness, laughs, and a lot of, “Yes, me too!’s”.

Come join us every Tuesday at 10:00am to see if what you have been missing has been some interpersonal connection with some pretty cool, nonjudgmental moms!
Drop in format ~ no registration required ~ free!

Location :: Naturally Well – 2025 4th St., Suite. 100, White Bear Lake, MN 55110

Learn more about the group via our events page.
Learn more about the group facilitator, Kelly Ciapetta, via her bio on our website.
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Blog by Kelly Ciapetta, MS Ed., LPCC
Photo credit: Alexander Suhorucov via Pexels