A Quick Check In: The Yamas As a Tool For Self-Reflection

The Yamas are Yoga’s ethical guiding principles.  As a yoga practitioner and student, I am guided by the Yamas in my daily life. I’d love to introduce them to you if you are not aware of them so that you too can incorporate them into your daily living.
Consider the following questions to check in with yourself.
Invitation to write about them if you feel called to.


Ahimsa- non-violence
Ahimsa asks us to be non-violent in our thoughts, words and actions.
How can you be compassionate in the way that you think about yourself?
In what way are you being kind to yourself?
What is self-care looking like for you right now?

Satya- truthfulness
Satya asks us to be truthful with our words, but also to keep it real with our actions.
Are there ways that you are not being honest with yourself?
How can your thoughts and words be more in alignment with your actions?
Where are some areas that are calling for deeper authenticity in your life?

Asteya- non-stealing
Asteya is a reminder not to steal from others, ourselves, or the environment.
Are you managing your time in a way that allows you to not steal from your rest?
Are you honoring your present moment?
Can you find compassion in yourself so that you aren’t stealing from the lessons you’ve learned through your many experiences?

Brahmacharya- non-excess
Brahmacharya reminds us to not be filled with excess or greed.
In what areas of life are you overextending yourself?
Where are the places where you push yourself too far?
How do you know when you’ve reached your max?

Aparigraha- non-possessiveness / non-attachment
Aparigraha reminds us to be fluid and not get stuck.
Are there places that you can identify that make you feel stuck?
What does freedom look like to you right now?  Where can you access that?
Can you honor the past and what used to be, while making room for your present?


I hope that these questions have allowed for you to consider some ways to invite some kindness, compassion, and authenticity into your life.  If tough realizations came up, the therapy room is an awesome space to explore those things with support.


Blog by: Cassie Sawyer, MA, ATR-P, RYT
Art Therapist | Yoga & Reiki Practitioner
Photo by: Maria Orlova from Pexels