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Working Out Your Work Life Balance

With more and more millennials entering the workforce, the phrase “work life balance” has become a hot topic, and for good reason. Unlike previous generations, millennials are in search of more flexibility in their daily work hours, time off, workspace location, and even parental leave. What may seem like a selfish demand, could actually be beneficial for their health — both physically and mentally, and is beginning to change the way companies look at time off. Much of our society values “busy,” and time off, while offered, is oftentimes frowned upon. With technology in our pockets, some of us are expected to be in contact 24/7 which means work hours extend into what would be family hours, relaxing hours, social hours. This constant presence of work or the pressure to be continuously available, can lead to an increase in stress levels or mental health issues such as anxiety and depression, a decreased quality of sleep, and even take a hit to the immune system. It’s time spent with family or friends, participating in hobbies, getting exercise, traveling, reading books that give many of us a sense of happiness and well-being.

Forbes recommends a few ways to level out your work life balance:

● Let go of the need to be perfect and forgive yourself for your mistakes

● If you can, unplug when you leave work

● Get some exercise and try to meditate

● Take note of the people and things that bring value to your life and eliminate those that don’t

● Reorganize and restructure your life if there are parts that aren’t working or are adding to your stress

● Start small — change doesn’t have to be monumental to be beneficial


Written by Elise Browne, MS


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