Unmotivated + Uninspired…How to Shake it Up!

Stale, stagnant, bored, blasé, dull, disinterested, unmotivated…

What do you do when this describes your life?

How do you shake things up when you look at your life and it is one big calendar full of work, school and sports? It is so easy for life to get away from us. One minute you’re young with big dreams and the next you can’t remember the last time you went out with friends and did something just for yourself. How do you keep that from happening? How do you keep your life interesting and keep yourself motivated? It is so important to actively plan things on a regular basis that are just for you and just for FUN! Keeping the fun in life is what keeps us going. It is what gets us from one boring week to the next. If you are lucky enough to have a partner in life, then make it a priority to bring fun into their life too – both with you and without. And ask them to remind you to keep fun in your life. If we make fun a priority, then it will be. Just as work and grocery shopping are a priority, self-care is also a priority and part of self-care is having FUN!

Maybe you love music – plan to go to a concert once a month. Maybe coffee is your thing – plan to meet a friend for coffee every other weekend. The idea is to get something planned. Get it in your schedule regularly – just like you do the other important things because this IS important.

Written by Nicole Uzendoski, MSW, LICSW