Thoughts on Body Image After Baby

Having a positive body image in a world of magazines that are airbrushed and Facebook photos that are all filtered can be a tricky thing to do. As women, we expect so much from our bodies and so does society. Birth children and then snap back to being in tip-top shape in record time. That’s not how it works in the real world. Our bodies need us to care for them – feed them right, exercise regularly and just as importantly, REST them regularly. Rarely are we encouraged to take time to care for our bodies or to spend time thinking about all of the good that our bodies have done for us.

What if today you spent the day noticing only the things you truly love about your body? How strong your body is for delivering your children. How your leg muscles are defined and you really like that. How you really love your hair. Whatever it is, notice it. Spend the day recognizing all that is good and right within yourself.  Notice how that feels. Does it feel strange? If it does then you are not doing it enough. Make it a practice to add at least one of these positive body image thoughts to your day each day. We are surrounded by negative messages all day long and if that is all that we are receiving then that is all we are hearing. Take charge. Change the messages you are receiving and make sure that, at least part of the day, the message that you are getting about your body is a good one.

Written by Nicole Uzendoski, MSW, LICSW