Making Time | A Blog About Self-Care

I don’t know about you, but on a normal day, this is what happens to me:

The alarm goes off at 5:05am; finally I have been relieved of my nightly, cliff-hanging duties. The co-sleeping monster has recently visited the Stoks’ house. I crawl out of bed and creep towards the shower in hopes that I can snag ten minutes of peace before the house stirs. We rush around for the next hour, juggling bottles, lunches, potty training, and at the end of it all, hopefully we’ve landed in the car and are en route to school, coffee in hand. Babies, work, email, meetings, students, errands. All of a sudden I’m in the car pool lane with the kids headed home, ready for our nightly routine.

I’ve been doing a lot of reflecting lately and almost every night when I sit down, I can’t help but notice… I’m a little disheveled. I’ve probably had too much coffee and not enough water. I’m well past the 3 o’clock slump, but I’m still so darn tired. My hair, most likely, has found its way into a top knot (not my most flattering look). How about those other people though, the little ones? Chances are, they’re hydrated and healthy, and holy cow, energetic! They’ve slept well and Finn (my son) has definitely taken his vitamins for the day, probably twice! For someone who is so committed to taking care of others and helping them lead healthy lives, I’m ashamed to say, I haven’t taken care of myself very well lately. It is easy to forget to prioritize self-care when you are doing something you feel is more important. I’ve been pouring out most of my energy and I’ve been doing this without putting much thought into what has been fueling me.

None of this is wrong, but I think it’s time to shift my perspective.

Take care of yourself. This doesn’t need to be overwhelming. Be tender and be caring. This is where you start:

  1. Go back to the basics. Feed your body, your mind and your soul with nutritious food. Drink water. Get enough rest. Get outside, even if it’s only for a few minutes. Exercise; sweating once a day eliminates toxins.
  2. Learn how to say ‘No.’ Your time is sacred. Treat it that way. Be intentional, put it on your calendar if you have to and don’t let it get pushed to the bottom.
  3. Have music and dance parties! Seriously, this is a cure-all. Whenever we’re feeling especially ragged, we shake out the “crabbies” and we dance around the kitchen. It works every time.
  4. Incorporate a daily ritual. Get off social media and find an extra 15 minutes a day to invest in yourself. Begin and end your day with something that energizes you and doesn’t include a screen. Pray, journal, do yoga, go for a walk, or just be still and sip your tea.
  5. Remember this…progress, not perfection, lovelies!

Now it’s your turn. How are you doing today? How is your heart?

Sending love, health and positive energy your way!

XO – Amy

Written by Amy Reichow Stoks, MA, RYT, CD

Amy is a professional counselor and the CEO/Founder of Sprout Health. She works with individuals to support them and offer holistic health services for mind, body, heart and soul.  Visit her website,, for more information about the launch sessions and coaching packages she offers.