Setting Intentions for the New Year 2016

There is always a lot of hub-bub about setting New Year’s resolutions with which, predictably, many of us fail to follow through after about the first month or two into the new year – if we’re lucky! This year, we challenge you to instead set an intention for 2016. While intention may seem the same as a resolution, consider that setting intention means to provide fuel to the goals and vision you have for your future; it is a mindset, an exercise in centering, rather than an outward behavior change.

For some, the idea of this may seem less daunting because it does not require enacting a brand new exercise routine, extreme diet, or obsessive organization as we sometimes see people embrace (which is also why they are often dropped by the way side come February). To set an intention means to allow yourself to explore what you truly want and what will bring you joy.

When we set an intention for the year to come, and practice daily, we are making a conscious decision to move toward becoming the person we choose to be rather than falling victim to the circumstances of what each day, week, or month brings. While we cannot control the world, we have no say in what others think, feel and do, and we will inevitably face tragedy at some point in our lives, we do have power over what we spend our energy focusing on and drawing into fruition. Consider that you have the power to bring to you that which you desire. If you set your intention to reach it to focus on what you want, you will achieve your goals.

Happy New Year 2016!

The Team at Wild Tree Psychotherapy – Lauren, Ann, Nicole, Sonja & Elena