Child Therapy at Wild Tree Psychotherapy: Does My Child Need to See a Therapist? 

child therapy

So, if you were to ask yourself, “Does my child needs therapy?,” here are some questions to consider and warning signs to notice. Children, especially adolescents, can experience a roller coster of emotions daily.  Have you ever had a screaming child when they did not get something they wanted or a teen that cried after a “dramatic” interaction with a friend?  These behaviors are common and an expression of emotion that is considered healthy for children as they form their identity.  Concern is warranted when emotions are particularly long lasting or frequently over exaggerated for the event.  Is your child unable to move past an event, exhibiting a long lasting change in mood, significant worry, preoccupation with their appearance, suicidal thoughts, significant anger, or isolation? They may benefit from seeking support!

Additionally, children may experience difficulty adjusting to change in their lives.  Has there been a recent traumatic event, such as a death or sudden illness?  Has there been a change in family structure including a divorce, new sibling, adoption or remarriage?  When a child experiences change they demonstrate their feelings through an increase in behaviors including, but not limited to, opposition, crying, irritability and isolation.

What if you are just not sure?  Every child is unique and every family has their own history and experience. It is important to seek consultation with potential providers to determine if therapy would be the right fit.  As trained helpers, we will be able to help you navigate your options and determine which services would be the most beneficial to you and your family.

child therapy

Written by Elizabeth Hamburger, MS LMFT