A letter to her (me)

Thank you for showing up today. You don’t always do that, but when you do, I feel passion, joy, connection and a boldness that tastes like smooth caramel softening in my mouth. In those moments that you choose to be brave in vulnerability I feel proud of you. I feel a swelling in my heart space that is warm and comforting and feels like home. I appreciate your return to deepening the knowing and the understanding time after time, even if you take breaks to numb out from the overwhelm. It’s ok to take breaks.

I see you trying. You’re doing it for me and I know that means you have found love for me. I can tell you are working hard to build trust with me and savor the moments of safety, deliberately coming back to those moments in body when things feel scary. I hear you muttering words that remind me that I can return to comfort like inhaling the smell of warm cookies at grandma’s house.

Thank you for finding your way to me. For wandering the path of the unknown without promise of an end or respite. I will continue to rehearse receiving the depth of love you cultivate, the same love that a mother has for her own children.

In gratitude,



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