Kevin Block

Health + Wellness Coach

St. Paul


Kevin’s approach as a Health and Wellness Coach focuses on building deeper connections and greater awareness to your physical, emotional, and spiritual health. Kevin values building a safe environment to engage in movement, which is the connective bridge between our mind and body. He believes that health embodies more than the physical; that we are to move towards healthier lifestyles in our individual way. In sessions, Kevin places more awareness and emphasis on mental and emotional health, working with those with a history of physical and emotional trauma, growing in body awareness and knowledge, and awakening your senses with movement. Kevin will make sure safety is always the priority. This looks like making sure you are physically safe during exercise and creating a space that is welcoming and respectful of your journey, while highlighting confidentiality and consent in sessions. 

Kevin started his journey of caring for his physical body as a means towards whole health wellness back in high school. His interest in physical training grew in college, and after graduating with a degree in psychology, he decided to pursue personal training. Kevin has a Master’s degree in Exercise Science from Concordia University and has experience as a health and fitness coach as well as a strength and conditioning coach. He is currently pursuing a holistic-based health and wellness coaching certification with the Institute for Integrative Nutrition. He is also a high school girls basketball coach, husband, and father of a vibrant toddler. 

Kevin has the desire to share his experiences with the understanding that each individual approaches health in their own unique way. This understanding begins with an initial intake  to connect with you about your past and present health journey and future desires for growth.  Kevin works with individuals, couples and small groups to address goals related to physical health, nutrition, lifestyle changes and general wellness. 

At this time, Kevin is booking individual, couples, and small group wellness intakes, specifically for ongoing personal training sessions. Kevin offers in-person and virtual sessions. Email Kevin directly for scheduling inquiries and more information.

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