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WILD TREE | Holistic Mental Health Therapy St Paul MN & White Bear Lake MN 2020-03-22T14:59:58-05:00

Telemedicine is available!

Our clients and our community have been on our minds and

we are continuing to provide support and mental health care via telemedicine.


Please reach out if you are new client and would like to connect with a therapist.

If you are a current or previous client, do not hesitate to reconnect.

We are here for you.


There are things the world throws at us that we can’t always change and we know cookie-cutter approaches to health and wellness don’t always work. Sometimes you need extra help, and support, to learn the skills to better cope with stress you encounter in life. This is what inspired us to create Wild Tree Psychotherapy.

Our collaborative team of professionally trained, compassionate therapists are dedicated to building a trusting relationship with you on your journey to long-term wellness. Each therapist is passionate about finding a personalized approach that provides holistic wellness and promotes health in a warm, welcoming environment. We are committed to treating the whole person; body, mind, and spirit, and our goal is to support you in growing and sustaining strong roots, life balance, and flexibility to adapt to change in this wild world.

We believe that the mind-body connection is essential to life-long health and we are committed to teaching you how to be well for a lifetime – not just for now. We want you to feel confident that you can face the challenges presented by life in a manageable way, while maintaining peace and balance at home, at work, and in your relationships.

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