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Lifehacks for Tough Days and a Healthier Life

Lifehacks to Help You Reset After a Tough Day and Turn Into Habits for a Healthier Life  There is no shortage of sources of stress in today's busy culture. From office deadlines to daycare pick ups and negative news cycles, we all feel the impact. Some days it is overwhelming. It can be difficult to [...]

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After School Play Date

Free // Tuesdays 4-5pm // March 3-24th // St Paul Join us for a free occupational therapy focused play opportunity for children ages 3-6 Led by Occupational Therapy Doctorate student Sara O'Connor, this group will promote social skills, creativity, and overall wellbeing!   Wild Tree Wellness, 653 Grand Ave, St Paul, MN 55105   Contact [...]

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Seasonal Affective Disorder and Winter in Minnesota

Minnesota is a hard place to live, and maybe even harder to love, between the months of October and March (or April or May). It’s cold, it’s snowy, the sunlight hours are short, the commutes triple in length, it shows no sign of thawing or letting up, and there might not seem to be much [...]

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Supporting Your Anxious Child

Saturday, March 28th // 10:30am // Naturally Well WBL Let's focus on conquering anxiety this month! Join Rachel Kusilek, MA, LPCC, to discuss how worry works in the brain, how it shows up in families, how we (unknowingly) contribute to the worry cycle, and how best to support our children with facing worry effectively. *Based [...]

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Postpartum Skills & Support Group

Beginning March 4th // Wednesday mornings 9-11am // Wild Tree Wellness St Paul Gain skills to effectively manage your emotional distress while navigating the challenges and joys of parenting Group will include DBT skills education and practice with supportive connecting time. 8 week series beginning March 4th, 2020  -  Wednesday mornings 9-11am Wild Tree Wellness, [...]

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Routines: The Art of Creating Structure at Home

Saturday, February 1st // 9:30am // Naturally Well White Bear Lake Wild Tree Psychotherapy is offering a special parent workshop focused on Routines and Structure for the whole family at our White Bear Lake Location within Naturally Well WBL Wellness Collective at 2025 4th Street, Suite 100, White Bear Lake, MN. This workshop will focus [...]

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Tapping into Sleep

Sleep issues tend to be one of the most common symptoms that accompanies issues with anxiety. When a person’s nervous system stays in a prolonged state of fear, the sympathetic nervous system related to fight, flight, and freeze, it can be hard for the nervous system to enter into the parasympathetic nervous system, rest and relaxation, long enough for deep sleep to occur.

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Befriending Our Bodies

Our bodies are the tellers, the holders, the sharers, and the teachers. Throughout this past week in session, many clients have named that they are experiencing sensations in their body as “rushed, scattered, spinning, ungrounded, tightly wound, and disconnected from self.” I use the term and imagery as “energy leaving our body,” and as I [...]

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Food, Mood & Behavior, Too!

Saturday, January 25th, 2020  //  9:30-11:00am  //  $25 Wild Tree Psychotherapy and Whole You Nutrition have paired together to present the next installment of our Parent Workshop Series: Food, Mood and Behavior Too! Explore the connection between your child's diet and their mood and behaviors. Join us for education and meal planning tips! Wild Tree [...]

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Planning for Postpartum Workshop

Sunday, December 8th // 3:00pm // Wild Tree Wellness - 653 Grand Ave, St Paul This two hour workshop for expecting moms and their support person will help you begin planning for how to care for yourself while taking care of your new little one. We will discuss postpartum mental health and wellness and participants [...]

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