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Post-Partum Skills and Support Group

Gain skills to help more effectively manage your emotional distress while also navigating the challenges and joys of parenting. This group will provide you with tools to both understand and manage your emotions, tend to relationships, and gain competency in working through the daily stressors in parenthood.    This group is a collaborative group, utilizing evidenced [...]

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Making Decisions Amidst Mommy Wars

Jumping into the world of parenting can feel incredibly overwhelming. Each day is filled with numerous decisions -- breastfeed or bottle feed? Rock/nurse to sleep or cry-it-out? Use a pacifier? Work or stay home? …and this is just the beginning of the list. Even thinking about these decisions can increase anxiety. We can spend hours [...]

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Mom’s Group: Navigating Interpersonal Relationships After Baby

Thursday, May 16th, 2018 | 1:30-2:30pm | FREE Join Lauren Robbins, MS, LPCC, LADC, PMH-C at Health Foundations Birth Center Moms Group to talk about keeping your relationship with your partner alive and well after the arrival of your baby. We will have an honest conversation about baby as a third wheel, often causing disruption [...]

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Build Your Postpartum Dream Team Event

For expecting & newly postpartum families May 22, 2019 // 6:30-8pm // Wild Tree Wellness - 653 Grand Ave., St. Paul Whether it's your first baby or 3rd, mothers & partners need support through this important time. This event is meant to give information about the benefits of different kinds of pregnancy & postpartum care [...]

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Feeling Isolated in this Connected World

It’s easy to feel isolated in this uber-connected world. The way we communicate, relate, and show love is different than it was years ago. Do I sound old? I feel old even thinking the statement – “back in my day, things were simpler.” It’s easy to measure our self-worth with likes, posts, and tweets. We’ve [...]

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Health & Wellness Fair // White Bear Lake

Saturday, April 20, 2019 // 10am-3pm // FREE White Bear Lake Armory // 2228 4th Street, White Bear Lake, MN 55110 Wild Tree Psychotherapy is happy to be participating in the first annual Downtown White Bear Lake Health & Wellness Fair. More information can be found HERE. Facebook event HERE. This is a great FREE [...]

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Soulful Sensitivity: A Beginning Intuitive Development Series for Women

Are you a self-described "sensitive" or "empathetic" person and want to learn enlivening and productive ways to run your energy? This class series is a place of thoughtfulness, truth, and transformation that offers practical skills to help you use your sensitivity to enhance your life. Facilitated by Julie Schmit, LMFT. Julie is a therapist at [...]

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The Brain Gut Connection: How to Eat for Better Mental Health

Anxiety is the most common mental illness in the US, affecting more than 40 million adults age 18 and over annually. This makes up for about 18% of the population (Anxiety and Depression Association of America). There is new and emerging research suggesting that inflammation and overall gut-health has a big impact on your brain [...]

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What is Energy Psychology?

Do you identify as being more sensitive than most people to physical sensations? Do you often use descriptive words such as “feeling drained,” “overcome with emotion,” ”heavy with grief” or “tugging on my heart?" Are you feeling stuck with traditional talk therapy? If so, you may be a good candidate for energy psychology. According to [...]

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4 Steps to Processing Emotions

Knowing what to do when we experience emotions tends to be one of the biggest things people struggle with. We either feel like they take over and control us or we can find ourselves on the other side of the spectrum by shutting down and avoiding them. Biologically, emotions are meant to prompt us into [...]

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